Sue Carey is a driven, twenty-something doctor struggling to preserve her sanity, sobriety and humanity in the corridors of one of Cape Town's biggest public hospitals. Finding imaginative ways of saving patients is her life's work. Finding a man who wants more than a one-night stand would be nice as well. 

Sue's journey of self-discovery is both harrowing and hilarious. The Karma Suture visits the bedsides of the patients who make her weep and the men who make her weak. She discovers that all she ever wanted is waiting for her ... if only she can learn to see beyond the hard science into the mysteries of the heart.

Karma Suture is a uniquely South African story about pain, sex, love, and hope that could only be written by a doctor who has been there and lived to tell the tale.

The Karma Suture is available at most bookstores, on Amazon and or can be purchased directly from Jacana.

IThe Angina Monologues three female medical interns from vastly different backgrounds are sent to a rural KZN hospital where gang assassinations and rogue snakes are facts of life and AIDS simply does not exist.

Pampered, spoilt Rachel struggles to establish her independence and learns to love across the cultural divide. Conservative, beautiful Seema struggles to end a relationship that has become increasingly abusive. And street-savvy Nomsa finally learns to accept a past she has spent a lifetime denying.

This is the story of three women finding courage, love and compassion in the most unlikely places. Like its bestselling predecessor, The Karma SutureThe Angina Monologues brings readers face to face with what it takes to be a woman doctor in the New South Africa without losing your soul.

The Angina Monologues is available at most bookstores, on Amazon and or can be purchased directly from Jacana.

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