NEW: The Murder of Norman Ware

"On the third of November 2011, Advocate Norman Ware is found brutally murdered in the luxurious eco-estate in which he lives. The cause of death is blunt trauma to the head, but the severe mutilation of his body suggests that he was tortured before being killed.

It is up to Detective De Villiers to find the killer, but in an estate populated by a serial killer, a corrupt BEE tycoon, a harvester of body parts, a nymphomaniac plastic surgeon, and an ophidiophobic recluse, the detective's experience counts for little."



Yay, you found me!

Confession: I am better with books. This is my first real foray into cyberspace... so bear with me.

Although my name seems to be plastered all over it, this website is really about you. You will find upcoming launches and talks under the events section, and ramblings masquerading as a blog.

I hope you enjoy exploring the site and look forward to reading your comments - good or (shudder) bad! 

Insider info: The Murder of Norman Ware is now available at Exclusive Books! And online. So, get your hands on a copy and let me know what you think...

Find out more: Keep an eye on the events section for info on launches of The Murder of Norman Ware.

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